About Us

It is great to own an aircraft. When we bought our first personal plane, it actually changed our lives. It opened up so many possibilites to us; we were able to travel to places with family and friends we never would have otherwise.

We started Aerolife Aviation so that you can build these wonderful memories for you and your family. We can also work with you to grow your business with an aircraft acquisition.

At AeroLife Aviation we have a one main goal: We want you to have better aircraft buying experience.

Let me tell you why this is our focus

Even though we loved our first plane, it was very difficult for us to go through the buying process. We were first time buyers and we didn't know what to look for. All of the steps were hard, from finding a plane to finding someone to inspect it. Finding out who to use for insurance and how to finance it. Then the process of bringing home. You name it, we struggled with it. In fact, it took us a couple of months after completing the purchase to arrange to bring the plane home. We have bought many aircraft since that first purchase and we think we have gotten a little more experienced at the process, but to be completely truthful, it has never gotten easier. So we thought "What if an aircraft seller would offer to help with these other aspects of the aircraft purchase experience to make it simpler and easier for the buyer? How great of buying experience that would be..."

At Aerolife Aviation we are trying our best to do just that. To make your aircraft purchase a pleasent experience and great a buy.

There are a lot of things we do to go the extra mile to provide that.
This video will explain 9 things we do differently which have a great effect on your aircraft purchase experience.