About Us

It is great to own an aircraft. When we bought our first personal plane, it actually changed our lives. It opened up so many possibilites to us; we were able to travel to places with family and friends we never would have otherwise.

We started Aerolife Aviation so that you can build these wonderful memories for you and your family. We can also work with you to grow your business with an aircraft acquisition.

At AeroLife Aviation we have a one main goal: We want you to have better aircraft buying experience.

Let me tell you why this is our focus

Even though we loved our first plane, it was very difficult for us to go through the buying process. We were first time buyers and we didn't know what to look for. All of the steps were hard, from finding a plane to finding someone to inspect it. Finding out who to use for insurance and how to finance it. Then the process of bringing home. You name it, we struggled with it. In fact, it took us a couple of months after completing the purchase to arrange to bring the plane home. We have bought many aircraft since that first purchase and we think we have gotten a little more experienced at the process, but to be completely truthful, it has never gotten easier. So we thought "What if an aircraft seller would offer to help with these other aspects of the aircraft purchase experience to make it simpler and easier for the buyer? How great of buying experience that would be..."

At Aerolife Aviation we are trying our best to do just that. To make your aircraft purchase a pleasent experience and great a buy.

There are a lot of things we do to go the extra mile to provide that.
This video will explain 9 things we do differently which have a great effect on your aircraft purchase experience.

Well, the best way to know a company is form its cutomers.
Please read what they have to say about Aerolife

As first-time aircraft buyers, we felt in excellent hands with Megan at Aerolife. From the first moment of contact with her to the time we picked up our 1973 Cessna 177 Cardinal in Minnesota, Megan made the experience smooth, straight-forward and transparent. Megan went out of her way to explain specific technical questions we had, helped with recommendations on inspection items, arranged CFIs to get checked out and was available throughout the process to reassure and guide us through the logistics of the purchase process. We would definitely purchase from Aerolife Aviation in the future and wholeheartedly recommend the company, and especially Megan as an honest, fair and trustworthy airplane broker with top-notch customer service.
Birgit, Henry and Kurt
This is the third aircraft I have purchased in my lifetime so I can say from experience this was my best buying experience by far. I have complete confidence in Aerolifes business model of how Aerolife will acquire an aircraft then thoroughly and professionally inspect the airplane then fix or replace what ever needs done if any to prepare that aircraft to sell. No smoke and mirrors, they are very upfront and forward in regards to any imperfections with your new plane. I recently purchased a beautiful Cessna 182Q and couldn't be happier with my plane and how Megan and her team helped guide me though the transfer of my last plane and purchase of my new 182Q. I really enjoyed getting to meet Megan and all the super friendly folks up in Fergus Falls MN when I went up to fly my new plane for the first time. Overall excellent experience.
Ray P.
Megan was very thorough and professional. We thought the process went very smooth. Enjoyed working through the process. Many Thanks
Bob & John
Aerolife is a great company to work with. They are very accommodating and provide great service that makes the buying experience both smooth and pleasurable.
AeroLife Aviation were very forthright and most accommodating to me in the purchase process. The entire process was smooth and efficient.
Michael S.
I really enjoyed dealing with Megan @ AeroLife Aviation during the purchase of this Cessna 182P. They delivered a plane that met every expectation as advertised. They held nothing back by providing all log's, AD's, & 337's for our review. Then upon inspection absolutely nothing was found not previously disclosed. I have purchased a really nice airplane thanks to Megan and her team.
Tom A.
Aerolife Aviation was great to deal with. Megan handled the buying process well from providing the paperwork, to getting the plane delivered to a mechanic for inspection, and arranging the plane to be delivered to Alabama. I think the plane looks great and I am very happy with the purchase.
Randy S.
I have been watching Megan do YouTube videos on aircraft for sale. She does such thorough reviews on the planes the previous owner could usually learn something about their old plane. You can imagine my pleasure when I saw a video about a 182 that I was actively interested in buying. When I got to see the plane in person it was exactly as described. Then AeroLife Aviation helped me with the training I needed and arranged for some routine maintenance I requested. Everything was above and beyond my high expectations. Thank you Megan and AeroLife Aviation.
Raymond B.
Aerolife Aviation made the purchase of our 182 P an easy and stress free transaction. Megan was extremely helpful in answering all of the MANY questions we had before, during and after the purchase process. Aerolife was very professional and honest regarding the aircraft. Megan was easy to work with. She handled all the purchase details and even arranged delivery of our airplane. We highly recommend Aerolife.
Lynn and Glen
I will never be able to express my total gratitude and appreciation to Megan for her extremely professional, capable, friendly, honest, cleaver, resourceful, and experienced expertise! She not only helped me navigate the risky and sometimes stressful path to aircraft ownership, but spent numerous hours educating and helping me make the right decision in upgrades and other significant factors in the aircraft purchase.I am very impressed and totally trust Megan and Aerolife Aviation to satisfy all my future trade in and aircraft purchases. In fact, I will only deal with Aerolife Aviation and Megan from now on! A thousand thank you’s Megan! You made this happen!
Patrick S.