1977 MOONEY M20J 201 AIRCRAFT FOR SALE $69,500
Fastest and strongest 200hp GA aircraft
  •   Very fast - over 160kts
  •   Very strong - Safe to fly
  •   Low fuel cost
  •   Low maintenance cost
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1977 MOONEY M20J     N201RZ

Total Time 3112
Engine 1 Time 1466 SMOH
Prop 1 Time 335 TSO
Year Painted 2003
No of Seats 4
Flight Rules IFR Certified

This Mooney M20J we have for sale was previously owned by a Navy instructor and airline pilot. Always hangared in a dry area, no corrosion. Get everybody's attention with the newer paint. Starts right up and flies great. No damage history, all log since new. Current Instrument rated. Mooney M20J is a legendary aircraft. Fastest 200hp, safe, strong structure, low maintenance cost, very low fuel burn, 18,800ft ceiling, great look, stable, carry four adults. This Mooney can cruise 150-160 knots at about 10-11.5 gallons per hour. Long-range 57 gallon tanks. A few expensive upgrades make it an even better aircraft than most Mooney M20J available for sale. 1. Fuel bladder tanks. (no fuel tank leaks like in some original tanks; this will save you around $8,000) 2. Excellent newer paint. Everyone is looking at this Mooney when it‘s on the ramp. (Usually cost $10,000-$18,000) 3. Advanced digital engine monitoring system (JPI EDM-830) which has all 4 cylinder temperatures and EGT's, RPM and manifold pressure, horse power, oil pressure and temperature, voltage, fuel flow and remaining fuel and more. With all this information you have a great comfort while flying. You can save fuel, run the engine precisely and have a much longer engine life. (This costs about $5500 to install). These extras all together have over $25,000 extra value. I have had long cross-country flights of over a thousand miles, it's a solid cross-country plane. This 201 is powered by a Lycoming fuel injected 200HP IO-360 engine, considered one of the most reliable and bulletproof engines (often people fly way over TBO up to 2500 - 3000 hours on this great engine.) All compressions were in the mid-70s. Clean oil analysis reports which is very important to look at when you're buying an aircraft to see the health of the engine. A few things I noticed; electric trim and autopilot are disabled, original windows have a little haze. Overall the interior is very clean, plastic panels are in good shape, seats are clean. All original avionics, which work fine. It can operate from short fields; only 880ft for take off and 770ft landing roll. Mooney M20J has a better designed, very low maintenance landing gear system unlike some other models. There is no other GA aircraft in this price range that you can get the performance, reliability, safety, economy, speed, payload and ceiling combined into one. This aircraft with its added features would be a great buy for you.


Avionics / Equipment

  • CDI
  • Directional Gyro
  • Dual King KX170 NAV/COM/VOR/LOC
  • KX170b
  • Mode C Transponder
  • Ammeter
  • Beacon Light
  • Custom cabin cover
  • Defroster
  • Electric flaps and Gear
  • Fresh Air Vent Control
  • JPI EDM-830
  • Pilot Side Opening Window
  • Pitot Heat
  • Radio Lighting Dimmer
  • Radio Master Switch
  • Strobe Light
  • Sun Visors
  • Yoke Mounted PTT's

Airframe / Engine / Prop

  • 57 Gallon Fuel Capacity
  • Fuel bladders
  • Advanced JPI EDM-830 engine monitor
  • Lycoming fuel injected 200HP IO-360
  • RAM Air System


  • Custom cabin cover
  • Fresh Air Vent Control
  Log Books / Documentation
Complete logs since new for this Mooney M20J for sale

Oil Analysis of two most recent oil changes on this Mooney M20J for sale

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(218) 979-7414

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